17 marzo, 2010

Into the wild

Where are you now? Maybe walking. I am
pretty sure cause you told me exactly this on Monday, when you were
in Sevilla looking for La Giralda (The Golden Tower).I am not walking really but walking inside of my head, searching for something
better, trying to practise a little bit of this particular and universal
language that I am just starting to know and to enjoy. It is my first time.
I miss a great deal of words, a big amount of
them, many expressions. I try to express what I think and I crash after every word with an
invisible wall, which make me return into an obvious
reality. But it´s an opportunity. My opportunity to improve and to realise two things:

I wanna know and

I am in the correct way, in one way


Sonrisas para el futuro

Una sonrisa es como una puerta que está abierta, que invita a entrar.
Es gratuita y natural, no cuesta pues regalarla; no se me ocurre mejor regalo para hacer a tu familia o a tu mejor amigo en un día de celebración. En realidad a cualquier persona que se cruce en tu camino, pues así conseguirás abrirle tu corazón. A ver, practiquemos juntos: Cierra los ojos... y ahora sonríe!
Enhorabuena, lo has conseguido